Our Mission

In 2006 I have established Zych Ceramics dental laboratory. During my work for Aesthetic,Ortodontics and Implant specialists I have gained wast knowledge in full mouth rehabilitation and Patient management.
My aim to help our Patients to get what they deserve- stress free best fitting dentures.
GDC-General Dental Council
BACDT-British Association of Clinical Dental Technology
DLA-Dental Laboratory association
ADI -Association of Dental Implantology
MHRA-Medicine and Healthcare products Regualtory Agency
DAMAS- Dental Manufacturers Audit Scheme

About Myself

After passing my diploma in 2000 decided to gain additional experience and move to Ireald for couple of years. This was fantastic opportunity for me as I could gain proffesional experience as well as travel and meet new people which is what i love.During my journey I was working and learning from UK, German, Swiss, Polish and Japanese master in the profession. 
Finall I have settled with my family in UK where I was working and sharing my expertise in the leading Dental Laboratories . My passion pushed to challenge myself and to apply for the only Clinical Dental Technology course in UK held in University of Central Lancashire. 
During 2 years I was sharing my whole life between University and Laboratory.Extensive study ,multiple exams and work for patients within clinical enviroment where I was learning from leading UK Clinincians and CDTs led me to final exam which I passed and soon after I have recived Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh diploma.
I tought passing my exam will be final achivement in my proffesional life but than digital revolution happened. Now we can help our patients even better,starting from digital smile design to same day dantures.
Please speak to us about your enquiry and we will help!
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