Collection & Delivery

We collect & deliver within 10 miles radius.



Free Postage

We provide prepaid 1st Class Business Response envelopes, we return all cases by couriers or by Royal Mail – Next Day Special Delivery Before 1 p.m.

Smile Design

Our „Smile Design” case include:

* Study Models

* Diagnostic Wax-up

* Preparation Model

* Denar Articulation

* Stents

* Custom Shade Matching 

* Photographs 

Service Levels



For our standard work we apply two layer build up – Dentine and Enamel. Porcelain is fused to non-precious metal. Standard service is suitable for NHS requirements.


For Independent cases we apply three layer build up – Opacious Dentin, Dentin, Enamel.

At this level we introduce some internal build up. Porcelain is fused to non precious metal.

Elite (Private)

This service is recommended for the private patients. The highest possible aesthetic result is guaranteed.

For Elite Service we use the most advanced and the most expensive materials and technologies available on the market.

On elite cases we apply multilayering techniques, texture characterization, v-shaped grooves, growthlines, transverse ridges, internal staining, external staining and porcelain margin.

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